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Sunday, 29 July 2012

The cannibal

As I keep saying I will not be near my Wentworth while the articles I am writing about it are ready to publish so I am living in hopes that memory and a lot of photographs will do the job.  I already have many images of the house and its contents but I spent an hour yesterday capturing some more just in case.

With that done and having made the decision to sell it next summer when we get back here again I decided I might as well empty it and find things to go in Bentleys.  It isn't as easy as yo think to just work out what's there and make a note so that it doesn't get duplicated.  There are so many tiny individual pieces in a collection it is nigh on impossible to be that accurate, so I decided to just get on with it.  This is the stuff I found for Bentleys.....

As I went along during the removal I tried to group the contents into Bentleys, Chocolat, Starfish Cottage and leftovers to keep or sell.  This soon became a logistical nightmare and it soon became Bentleys and 'the rest'.  Here's the rest........

In 1/1 world I have lived in eleven homes in three countries in the last eighteen years and without exception have been sad to leave each of them even though we have chosen to move on for whatever reason.  My homes are just that, and a home is much more than a house.  It is somewhere I make to fit comfortably around the way we live, they make and hold memories, I plant gardens and it all grows to be somewhere I come to love.  Leaving them is always sad and feels as though someone is cutting some string containing nerve endings which joins me to them.

I was astonished to find the same emotion attached to my 1/12th home.  It was perhaps a tad more meaningful breaking up this particular mini place as it contained actual memories of my life with my children and linked me back to how I felt when I moved on from their childhood home eighteen years ago when my peripatetic life began.  

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fame and fortune

Just to remind you that, if you buy September's Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine, you will see my first article on the Wentworth.  It is out today. I have had an advance copy and it looks fine.  They have changed a couple of things very slightly and made a couple of mistakes when labelling the photographs, but nothing that actually matters.  The girl's bedroom is described as the spare bedroom and one photo shows the house on the basement and infers the basement is an Argos trolley.  As I said it only shows up if you are the person who wrote it.  I am very happy with what they've done with my stuff.

I have to get my copy in miles ahead of schedule because we will be in the States when some of the articles appear.  This also means I need to take a zillion detailed photos for when I am on the other side of the pond, just in case anything needs adding to or changing when I am over there and I get asked for a rewrite or photos.

I am planning on that photo session 'freeing up' the Wentworth so that I can cannibalise it for Chocolat and Star Fish Cottage.  When I come back next summer I am planning on selling the building to give me more room.  As I keep saying my home won't accommodate four projects.

I will probably have it stripped out by September so anyone reading this can have first dibs on it then if they are interested. The Quick Style (this means the exterior was professionally finished by them) Dolls House Emporium kit with free Burghley basement cost £250. If you add on paint, trims, wallpaper, carpet, wooden flooring there is at least another hundred pounds spent. It will also have sixteen lights, four fireplaces and a fitted ELF kitchen - more than another three hundred pounds. So something like £700 in total. I would like £200 for it. For someone who wants to save over five hundred pounds and a lot of time it would be a bargain.

You would also be owning a property with a blog and a series of (7) articles published about it.  After February it will have the seven magazines as part of the deal and a CD containing hundreds of photographs.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fame at last ......

Thought I'd do a bit of self-promotion and give you a heads up on the September issue of Dolls House and Miniatures Magazine (on sale 26th July) where there will be the first in a series of six pieces written by me about the Wentworth.  Here's their advert for it (and other things, of course!) in the back of this month's issue.