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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Welcome Chris

Welcome Chris to the followers list.  Nice to talk to you here as well as email.  Thanks for joining.

Transforming stuff

I have been buying lots of bits and pieces from EBay while I was away and I snared these scales for 99p.  I know you are saying "Yes, and I can see why" but I promise you they will be transformed into a thing of beauty with a little wire wool and some paint.  At about twenty when I was first married I found a pair of shop scales in a junk shop being used as a doorstop and bought them for pennies.  I then painted them a lovely British racing green and polished the brass pans until they shone.  I loved them for many years afterwards and they moved from home to home, usually living on the kitchen window sill and always being used as they were my only kitchen scales.  Believe me balance scales are fantastically accurate.  I admit the real ones needed calibrating initially by sticking a couple of penny coins underneath the pan side.  The children who bought sweets from that sweet shop in its lifetime obviously always got an extra one.  So these tiny ones, which actually balance, are perfect for my Wentworth as it is an homage to my life with my children.  Sadly Wentworth doesn't have windowsills but, however much room they take up in the kitchen, they will have a home there to remind me of my real ones.  (My daughter has those now).  

Welcome to Lies and Susana

I just popped in to check on some photos and what a lovely surprise... I have two new followers.  Thank you for taking time to 'sign up'.  I know I have lots of readers and that makes me happy but they are only numbers.  It is a real pleasure to have names and faces to jolly me along.  Not so lonely for Linda any more!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Returning to Wentworth

I probably mentioned a while back that I'd written an article about my ELF kitchen for an on-line magazine called Dolls Houses past and Present w...e...l...l...  even better, I have just been commissioned (for money!) to write six articles with photos  for Dolls Houses and Miniature Scene magazine.  They will be published September through February.  This means I shall be writing pretty much all Summer and will also have to return to the Wentworth to finish off some bits and pieces for the photographs.  So, watch this space.